Laying some groundwork for an Everyday Hero

Let’s zoom out a little and take a look at the foundation on which the Everyday Hero program will be built.  First, I strongly believe that EVERY person should do their darndest to make their job obsolete.  For me, that means making everybody as informed as possible about their own bodies, allowing them to troubleshoot problems as they come up.  There will always be a need for a person behind the scenes doing research, motivating, pushing boundaries, etc.; so the total elimination of the personal training profession (or any profession) is unlikely.  But the ATTEMPT is what matters here; I will attempt to equip you with the knowledge necessary to maintain and overhaul your body (you only get one, so you gotta take care of it).

From a troubleshooting standpoint, I like to break this overall topic into three areas; physique, performance, health.  So if you look in the mirror and see your butt isn’t quite the perky shape it used to be, you’d access your mental database and start looking under “physique” for a solution.  If you can’t make it up a set of stairs without your heart trying to jump out of your chest, you’ll look for something under “performance”.  If you can’t shake that cold you got a month ago, start your search under “health”.

Just like you wouldn’t use a plunger to hammer a nail, it makes the most sense to use the optimal tool to effect change in the three areas discussed above.  With that in mind, here are the basic tenets on which I stake my reputation.

Change your diet to look better (physique).

Change your training to perform better (performance).

Change your lifestyle to feel better (health).

3 target areas for the Everyday Hero

The problem is, of course, that there is significant overlap between all three areas.  Yet it is still my opinion that the best tool for each job is presented above.  Now I imagine the diet and training recommendation are understood by most, but changing your lifestyle might throw a few people for a loop.  What does that even mean?  It’s definitely something I’ll go into more in the future, but basically lifestyle factors include things like sleep, stress, social connections, etc.  These can all have an impact on overall health individually, and when bunched together the impact can be even greater.

That’s it for now, let me know if I lost you on any part in particular, or feel free to explain why I’ve got it wrong.  I love hearing different viewpoints!

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