Pre-release info; Disney Infinity, LEGO: Marvel, Toy Story of Terror

Disney Infinity Jack Skellington figure from GamestopMake sure you’ve changed the batteries in your mouse recently, because several Disney products are available for pre-order online.  Starting off with Gamestop’s exclusive (until the 28th) Jack Skellington Disney Infinity figure.  Though this was released officially yesterday, the website still shows it as a pre-order, so there may be a chance initial quantities were already used up.  Remember to check your local store as well if you happen to have one nearby.

Releasing October 22nd is the LEGO: Marvel video game, available on pretty much every system.  The game will include over 100 heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, and will take place across several familiar locations.  If you pre-order now, you’ll also get a $10 Amazon credit good towards products shipped and sold by

Finally, though not a pre-order, Amazon already has the soundtrack for Toy Story of Terror up on it’s website for digital download, available on the 15th.  Scored by Michael Giacchino, who brought you the soundtracks to movies such as The Incredibles and Up, this will likely be a great addition to your already overflowing Disney music playlist.  What?  You don’t have a Disney music playlist?  Don’t look at me like I’M weird.

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